Bust your emissions with Bartco UK’s Auto Detect

Busy roads mean air pollution – discover how Bartco UK’s Auto Detect system can help reduce emissions.

In light of the recent news that London has breached its annual air pollution limit after just five days, it’s clearer than ever that more must be done to reduce the amount of pollution that our roads create.

The UK’s roads aren’t getting any quieter – in fact, an RAC Foundation survey suggested that by 2034, there could be an increase of seven million extra drivers, taking the total to up to 43 million vehicles on Britain’s roads – meaning longer traffic jams, busier roads and more air pollution than ever.

So what can we do to help reduce emissions, and make Britain’s roads less polluted? There are certain things every driver can do to make a difference, such as switching off the air conditioning 10 minutes before you reach your destination (which not only reduces emissions but saves on fuel), but this alone won’t have a huge impact.

The UK needs a solution which effectively communicates with drivers and educates them to make more environmentally friendly motoring decisions.


The Auto Detect

One such solution could be Bartco UK’s innovative Auto Detect system which was developed in partnership with Highways Resource Solutions Ltd (HRS). It is the first solution to combine variable messaging signs (VMS) and contactless sensor technology in order to lower emissions.

This pairing means that at sites where there is a high volume of stop-start traffic, such as road works, busy city centres or large sporting events which have long queues, drivers can be instructed via a VMS in how to help lower their emissions.

A master Intellicone Traffic Management Unit is connected to traffic lights and when the lights turn red, one or a series of Bartco’s VMS is activated wirelessly, which displays a message instructing drivers to turn their engines off, rather than sit idly for a long period with the engine running.

Bartco’s Technical Manager, Matt Felce says:

“We are delighted to have developed a solution with HRS that utilises our solar powered VMS in order to help reduce vehicle emissions.”

Auto Detect is the latest temporary ITS solution to be launched by Bartco and HRS. The companies have worked in partnership to combine VMS and contactless sensor technology in a pioneering Intelligent Safety work zone safety range, comprising incursion, overheight detection and works exit systems.

For more information, please contact Bartco UK on 0 3300 080 366 or at info@bartco-uk.com