Effective relief for congestion on UK roads

A recent report revealed the UK as the third worst congested country in Europe behind Russia and Turkey and that its road users are spending on average 32 hours a year in jams. Not only is it costing £968 per person for the pleasure, it’s damaging the environment and the economy in the process. *

Against a backdrop of economic conditions that promote road travel, the ongoing effects of reduced infrastructure spending and a rail network at capacity, traffic managers are working harder than ever to find ways to manage our roads more effectively.

Bartco UK’s pioneering system Queue Detect is a useful weapon in their armoury, helping ease congestion at bottlenecks up and down the country.

Queue Detect helps traffic managers identify slow moving traffic and keep road users up-to-date with the changing traffic situation.

It uses state-of-the-art Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar to detect traffic moving below a predetermined speed threshold. It then notifies a central server using the GPRS network and activates the display of information to approaching road users via single or multiple variable messaging signs (VMS).

The message is cleared once traffic returns to the desired speed.

Giving road users advanced warning of delays empowers them to make informed decisions like slowing down in advance of a hazard, taking an alternative route to avoid congestion or stopping for a break.

This innovative, flexible solution can either be mounted on either VMS, a Solar Intelligent Platform trailer or for long term deployment it can be mounted on an existing column along with a small solar panel and battery.

Take the pressure off, find out more about the Queue Detect system here > or email info@bartco-uk.com.

*Source: http://news.sky.com/story/uk-is-third-most-traffic-congested-country-in-europe-study-10774977