Colour VMS-A

Colour mobile VMS-A

Designed for inner city and urban works on roads with speed zones up to 80kph (50 mph) the VMS-A offers a choice of five colour displays. This five colour matrix means pictograms can be used which are effective in communicating across language barriers to overseas visitors.

The VMS-A includes a single plug and play control module, solar charging system and bright, low energy consuming LED display. It’s versatile, easy to set up and operate thanks to the single plug and play control module. It features an electro lift so signs can be raised safely, while its caravan style support stands provides a secure footprint.

For fast deployment, Bartco UK holds stock at its manufacturing facility in the UK, customising products upon request.

Key features

  • Highest quality five colour LEDs (red, green, blue, white and amber)
  • Full graphics and animations
  • Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Speed radar device to display and log vehicle speeds
  • Security features – satellite tracking, SMS tamper alarm
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly
  • Programming options – laptop on site, SMS or internet
  • Windows based software and Apple app

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  • Overall length: 2370mm
  • Width (travel position): 1620mm – 1750mm
  • Width (operating position): 1750mm
  • Height (travel position): 2185mm
  • Height (max operating position): 3200mm
  • Weight: 620kg
  • Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball


  • Display Type: LED full matrix
  • Display Size: 1610mm x 1040mm
  • Communication: GSM, SMS, internet, satellite, web based, serial
  • Matrix: 48 x 28
  • Enclosure: Aluminium IP54 equivalent
  • Screen: Non-glare UV polycarbonate
  • Brightness Control: Automatic or manual
  • Display Lifting: Electro lift


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Solar Panels: 2 x tilt and rotate 240w panels
  • Batteries: 3 x 12V deep cycle 200A
  • Solar Controller: Dual Victron MPPT
  • Operation on batteries / solar: Indefinite under recommended conditions