Integrated Solutions

Bartco UK manufactures a suite of Integrated Solutions. Our ‘off the shelf’ package is the Journey Time Solution (JTS), a comprehensive, cost-effective, stand-alone solution for short and long-term road works project but we can also create bespoke solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Most recently and in response to customer concern for the safety of road workers, Bartco UK has partnered with Highways Resource Solutions Limited (HRS) to offer a portfolio of pioneering work zone safety solutions designed to keep road workers safe at height on bridges (Overheight), at lane closures (Safelane) and when using work exit and entry points (Egress).

The first solutions of their kind available, these solutions combine modular electronic perimeters with variable message signs (VMS):

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  • Overheight Integrated Solution


    An Intellicone Sentry Beam is positioned to detect high-sided vehicles approaching a bridge where work is being undertaken at height. The beam activates the display of a message on a VMS positioned in advance of the bridge which alerts the drivers to their impending breach of height regulations, enabling them to turn round and find an alternative route.

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  • Safelane Integrated Solution


    Intellicone enabled Smart VMS are positioned at road closure points surrounded by intelligent cone barriers and contactless sensors to detect breaches. If there is a breach, the sensors will send a message to the VMS warning the driver of their error and encouraging them to turn back.

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  • Egress Integrated Solution


    An Intellicone enabled Smart VMS detects when works traffic is exiting a work zone, triggering a high impact message on a VMS alerting oncoming road users to slow down. To keep your workers safe at works exits, contact us via email