5 Benefits of the HD Quattro

The HD Quattro – available to buy from Bartco UK – is a popular choice for customers all over the world.

The HD Quattro is the first temporary mobile variable message sign (VMS) designed specifically to improve safety within work zones. Using dual colour (white and red) it clearly displays on-site speed limits for work zone vehicles, but these aren’t the only benefits…


At just 680 x 780mm, the HD Quattro is our smallest sign yet, which is great for work zone environments where a trailer-mounted VMS wouldn’t fit, such as narrow country lanes.

Quick to Update

You can instantly change the messages displayed on the LED screen via Bartco’s innovative Web Studio™ so no matter what you need to communicate, you can do it quickly and easily via any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device.


The dual colour screen supports pictograms, which makes the HD Quattro perfect for displaying universally-understood road signs and symbols. Not only does this speak quickly to your audience, it also provides a great way to communicate with a foreign-speaking audience.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Battery powered, free-standing and weighing less than 10kg, the HD Quattro is highly portable and can be quickly manually positioned, so if your work zone project is fast moving and requires safety measures to be regularly repositioned, this is a great piece of equipment for the job.


Due to its compact size, the HD Quattro can be used quickly and easily for a variety of purposes. From crowd control at large gatherings such as festivals and sports events to traffic management on urban highways with speed limits of up to 40mph. As it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to position and transport too – which is why it’s one of our most popular ranges.

If you are interested in purchasing the HD Quattro, please get in touch with Bartco by calling +44 (0) 3300 080 366 or email us at info@bartco-uk.com