Bartco UK Invests in Training Keeping Staff Safe at Work

As a responsible company and employer, it is vital to us that our staff are trained appropriately for the jobs they do. As many roles throughout our organisation involve levels of health and safety risk, we require all relevant employees to complete a certified Manual Handling course in order to train them in the correct ways to navigate such dangers around the workplace.

Teaching them risks, hazards and the importance of correct handling techniques, Bartco UK apprentices Pip and Jacob, as well as new starter Liam, all completed their Manual Handling course to ensure that they are trained sufficiently in the risks their roles may involve.

Receiving certified recognition for their participation, Pip, Jacob and Liam join the rest of the Bartco UK team who are trained in the same, helping to reduce avoidable short term and long-term injuries in our workshop.


It’s our dedication to training that’s partly the reason why we’ve remained a zero-incident organisation for the past 8 years, to this day from the day we started. In line with Highways England’s “Aiming for Zero” programme, both MVIS and Bartco UK keep staff training at the top of the agenda, knowing full well just how important health & safety is to not just our business, but to people’s lives.

These considerations aren’t new to us either, with safety being a core component of our operations for a number of years. In the past, our General Manager, Anne Ashman has commented, “We invest heavily in our safety ethos to do all we can to remain on zero incidents. Safety is at the centre of the 2 companies, with our ethos ‘Safe Mind, Work Safe, Work Well’ leading the way internally.”

Our Safe Mind ethos drives our approach to safety and keeps this as the most important value within our workplace. To ensure that we keep staff, customers and stakeholders safe, the Safe Mind ethos assigns certain tasks and activities in a higher priority than others, ensuring these are always our most important responsibilities.

Our investment in staff doesn’t stop with just safety though. Jacob, our latest 1st year technical apprentice to have completed the Manual Handling course did so at only 16 years old, proving not only that safety has no lower age limit, but also that we believe that it is never too early to start training our team. Indeed, Jacob isn’t the first apprentice to receive training, with both Bartco UK and MVIS taking a strong stance on training staff generally, not just in safety, to continuously improve their skills. Even in this recent Manual Handling training course, both Pip and Jacob participated as apprentices.

For more information about the rigorous training our staff go through to make them experts in their field, please call us on +44 (0) 3300 080 366 or email