Bartco UK: Refurbish, Reuse and Recycle

Here at Bartco UK we are proud to have achieved our environmental management ISO (14001:2015) and therefore are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and also make the company as sustainable and environmentally efficient as possible. Office staff are asked to follow paperless protocols in order to reduce the amount of printing that we do in-house. Not only do we encourage everyone to create as little waste as possible, but we also have recycling points through the units so that items can be disposed of appropriately. 
When receiving overseas components, left over pallets and boxes have been used to make plant pots and playing equipment for children in local nursery schools. We try to offer any products that we have no use for among our local community as there is always someone looking for a project or wanting to up-cycle something. We also have appropriate storage for the different waste materials such as wires, batteries and metals. These bins are collected by the appropriate people and recycled! We are even proud to house flowerbeds, bee homes and hedgehog huts at our depots, even the smallest contributions to the environment are the ones which are the most beneficial. 
As for our carbon footprint, we use flat bed transit vans for deliveries as these allow us to deliver multiple units in one trip which reduces the fuel consumption as well. When performing maintenance checks or battery changes, we ensure to visit all units in the area or on the way in order to keep on top of every unit, minimizing double trips to the same location when necessary. 
As of 2019, our team has expanded among all departments. This has meant that more space was needed within the building. In order to make a temporary solution, we used all materials sourced on the industrial estate and our warehouse team made us a board room from an area previously used for spare stock, this is now where we hold training and meetings with our staff and customers. 
Efficiency isn’t something that is new to us here at Bartco UK, since 2016 we have been modernizing and updating our units, we have never had a project too big which we haven’t been able to tackle, with some of our signs even dating back to 2012, not that you’d know it to look at them! In upgrading units that have been on site for years and also fixing ones that have been severely damaged on site, never have we sent a unit to the scrap yard and that is all thanks to our highly qualified team who are able to see the potential in every refurbish project we are faced with.