Bartco UK Supplies 10x Solar IPs for Amey

One of the best things about our Solar IP is that it gives us the opportunity to work with clients on bespoke solutions that suit their needs. The Solar IP offers users a portable power source to integrate their own technology with. 

In the case of Amey, they required 10x bespoke units to accommodate their client’s specific needs and own technology. Having a site that already had power, the client required an adjustable mounting solution and backup power supply for their CCTV. In response, we were able to develop our Solar IP in a way that would allow them to source power from the mains and utilise the unit’s mast that reaches up to 6m.

The 10 units we supplied were designed bespoke, allowing the client to have the exact solution they required rather than making do with a close fit.

Bartco UK developed the units ready for a ‘Plug and Play’ start for quick integration with the client’s’s technology. The bespoke end result is a unit with a considerably lower weight, reducing its carbon footprint on transport – which is reduced across all 10 units.

Matt Felce, Bartco UK’s Research and Development Manager commented, ‘The Solar IP was made for integration with other technology, so we’re especially pleased to have the chance to rise to the challenge of meeting Transport Scotland’s needs.”

He continues, “We love to work with customers on any project, but it’s exciting to work on new applications that rely on different benefits of the Solar IP.  Having a backup battery ensures a power supply even if there are faults with the mains. It makes this product incredibly versatile and it’s been great working with Amey on this.”

For more information about our Solar IP and how it can be adapted to integrate with your technology, please call us on +44 (0) 3300 080 366 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via