Celebrating 3 Years of Hard Work

At Bartco UK, we take enormous pride in our team. Whilst we often have things to celebrate, we ensure that each and every achievement is given the credit and focus it deserves.

Our latest cause for celebration is found with one of our 3rd year Technical Apprentices, Cain Gregory. This week, we are proud to announce that Cain has been with us for 3 years – a long time for a young man so early in his career.

Initially, Cain joined us on work experience back in 2016. We were so impressed by his talent and work ethic that we didn’t hesitate when he asked us 6 months later if he could join our apprenticeship programme when he finished school. With the importance we place on training, work experience forms a very good platform for us to recruit from – demonstrating individuals who interested in our business, allowing us to recruit team members who possess a familiarity with our products and a basic level of training.

Since then, Cain has grown from strength to strength. One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that our team are trained to the highest possible level, which is a value that Cain has taken seriously. In just 3 years, he has achieved a number of additional skills and qualifications that assist him in his role, both on a technical level and on a professional level, allowing him to have developed into a highly trained and valued member of staff.

During this time, Cain has earned qualifications and experience in soldering, forklift operating, manual handing, health and safety, towing and electrical wiring, looking to governing bodies and our highly trained members of staff for guidance.

Tim Hill, Cain’s primary mentor, for example, fully trained Cain on the technicalities of wiring our products using the technical drawings put together by our Technical Development Supervisor, Tom Hooton. He did this not only as part of Cain’s essential Bartco UK training, but also as part of the NVQ3 electrical engineering course he is currently studying for. This not only equipped Cain with technical knowledge of our products, but also the ability to read often complex technical diagrams that are critical to his role.

More recently, Cain is due to undertake a PAT testing course too, making him one of only a small number of staff who are PAT testing trained at Bartco UK, adding to his already impressive skill set.

As a highly valued member of the team, Cain lives for the team dynamic we have at Bartco UK – the close bond our team has nurtured has only grow since the Coronavirus pandemic, building a strong motivating platform for all of them – especially Cain, who thrives from working as a team.

As time has gone on, Cain has taken direction from other members of staff too, including George Sheldon, who himself has recently finished his 4 year apprenticeship and has a very similar professional background at Bartco UK, not being that far ahead of Cain in his journey with the apprenticeship scheme. This has placed George very well to be able to assist Cain with certain aspects of their roles and college work and the two are close friends both in and out of work.

This goes to show the sheer level of commitment that not only Cain, but the whole team demonstrates on a daily basis in their dedicated approach to work. Cain himself totally buys into this focus, now enjoying a level of seniority himself. Having spent 3 years in the role, Cain is now in the position to be offering a level of support and guidance to less experienced members of staff who have joined us recently.

A good example of this can be found with Liam Griffiths and Jacob Spencer, both joining the company late in 2019. Since then, Cain has been able to offer both team members a level of guidance and support in showing them ‘the ropes’, processes and how we do things – the Bartco UK way.

This is all fantastic experience for Cain, who has ambitions himself be a mentor to an apprentice, allowing others to benefit from the positive experience he has had during his time with us.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Cain for his positive influence at Bartco UK, to celebrate his time with us and to ensure that he knows he is a valued member of our team.