City Centre Traffic Management with the VMS A

When our cities need to keep moving despite roadworks, we rely on the experts to make it happen.

ITS Group MVIS / Bartco UK contributes to keeping Britain moving with a product specifically designed and manufactured to meet inner city and urban demands – the VMS-A.

For inner city and urban works or for roads with speed zones up to 50mph, the VMS-A provides the perfect solutions.

With a stable and secure footprint, the highly portable VMS-A offers a wealth of technology including; single plug and play control module, autonomous solar charging system and a high, bright, low power consuming LED display.

What’s more is that MVIS work closely to compliance to ensure that deployed units are safe, effective and visible from a distance. As with many aspects of road safety, there are practices with VMS that can contravene TSRGD (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions) 2016, such as using certain banned characters, scrolling text or messages of more than 4 lines. MVIS have worked with Highways and Traffic Management groups at length for years to ensure that all signs deployed and messages displayed are compliant with traffic regulations.

The VMS-A was released into the market and onto our road network for the London Olympic Games. Former MVIS Managing Director Tony Price had seen the need and spotted a gap in the market for a variable message sign that was suited specifically to inner city environments.

With 183 VMSA in the MVIS hire fleet, it’s clear to see the demand for this unique solution is high.


The VMS-A is versatile, easy to set up and operate, reliable under all conditions and offers impact, choice and the flexibility to use red, green, blue and white as well as standard amber.

The unit’s smaller footprint than conventional VMS units makes it a perfect fit within what can often be more challenging, limited space urban environments.

This smaller footprint provides a safer environment for pedestrians to pass, especially with a pushchair or wheelchair.

Another key feature of the VMS-A is the increased battery life. The unit’s LED display boosts efficiency and reduces the need for battery replacement, as well as providing the flexibility and option to use red, green, blue and white as well as standard amber.


The VMS-A can be used as a stand-alone temporary VMS or in conjunction with radar to display: a message; a message and the motorists speed; speed only; and/or a ‘too high’ and ‘too fast’ message.

The radar application has been used at London Bridge in collaboration with Intellicone, where VMS-A signs were displaying messages to road users regarding the bridge being open or closed.

The VMS-A integrated radar functions and applications provide real time, responsive reactions to the urban environment. The display can showcase ‘too fast’, ‘too high’ or ‘slow down’ safety messages to road users when required.

The radar integration makes the VMS-A the perfect data collection and speed enforcement unit.

Anne Ashman, MVIS and Bartco UK General Manager comments, “Our VMS-A really comes into its own within an urban environment. The radar integration is a key feature and application for the safety of road users and the smaller footprint of the unit means it can be deployed in areas that many VMS simply can’t be. Over the last 8 years the demand for the VMS-A has dramatically increased, with our fleet increasing in size to the 183 units it holds today.”

If you would like to find out more about how the VMS-A with radar could work for your next project, please contact the Bartco UK team on +44 (0) 3300 080 366 or email