George Sheldon Completes Level 3 Apprenticeship

At Bartco UK, we take every opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our team. In recent months, we look to our Workshop Technician, George Sheldon, who has completed his Level 3 apprenticeship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. George stands as an incredibly well qualified individual, especially for his age and to top things off, as of March 2020, he has been with our organisation for 5 years, representing a significant achievement on its own.

george sheldon qualifications

The completion of his apprenticeship and his 5-year anniversary marks a momentous milestone in George’s professional development, seeing him transition from an apprentice to a fully qualified technician. The level of skill involved in George’s role as technician not only puts him in a better position for the company, but it also sets a great example for our other apprentices, who can see the great work George does in his role. He also gives them something to work towards in completing their own apprenticeships. George is highly thought of at our organisation and his hard work and dedication sets a great example to everyone in the workshop.

Amongst his apprenticeship, George has many other work-related qualifications to his name, making him a highly knowledgeable member of our team and highly valuable to our organisation.

George’s daily role involves him building, maintaining and fixing our units before they are delivered to our customers. Not only is George knowledgeable and qualified in his field, but his approach to work and passion for his job has equipped him with a deep understanding of our products. Being with us since 2015, George has seen many product developments and grown as a result. He is sometimes required to travel across the country for unit maintenance and on rare occasions, to diagnose issues if our products are not working at their optimum performance.

Anne Ashman, Bartco UK General Manager comments, “We encourage each and every member of staff to develop their skills and experience with us. George has been a fantastic employee to date and has taken on anything we have thrown at him, leading to his amazing development as a skilled individual in our team. 5 years is a long time to work for a company, especially for a young person such as George – this is certainly cause for celebration for both him and us, as it demonstrates not only George’s loyalty, but also our great staff retention rates.  We look forward to seeing how George grows further with Bartco UK as we continue to support his development.”