Improving the Customer Experience

Bartco UK’s innovative new Electronic Bill Board (EEB) is a brand new high resolution, sustainable unit, able to show static images and text designed to enhance road user understanding, reduce frustration and improve safety.

We understand that one of the main challenges working in Traffic Management is keeping road users well informed of maintenance and works. Often road users can become increasingly frustrated when they can’t understand where or how the scheduled work is taking place, and many of you will know that planned works aren’t always visible to road users due to site safety or work taking place after dark.

The EBB is designed specifically to show road users exactly what is happening during road works. The 3x2m screen displays static images – such as those showing the project underway – and text which allows you to efficiently explain to road users the reason for the road works, therefore promoting an enhanced customer experience.

Here at Bartco UK, we’re committed to working sustainably and are conscious of the impact that our traffic management solutions have on the environment. With this in mind, the Electronic Bill Board is environmentally friendly; the product’s energy-efficient power consumption is the lowest on the market at lower that 13 amps on a 230 volt supply for a typical message at full brightness – offering energy efficient power consumption, without compromising the brightness of the unit screen.

Supplied on a trailer, the EBB offers the smallest footprint in the industry and despite its size, provides supreme portability. This enables users to transport the screen quickly and easily into position once on site.

Further benefits of the EBB include:

  • Update locally – The EBB can be updated quickly and easily via a PC or laptop, or using our apps on any Android or Apple device
  • Easy to update remotely – The EBB can also be updated via a PC using your preferred browser and optional 3G
  • Improves safety around works and enhanced communications
  • High quality display with a resolution of 504 x 336 px
  • Manufactured in the UK – like all our Bartco UK products, the EBB is manufactured here in the UK at one of our dedicated depots

To find out more about our new Electronic Bill Board download the product sheet here. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of purchasing the EEB for your maintenance work, call our friendly team on +44 (0) 3300 808 366 or email us at