In with the old. The benefits of reconditioning your VMS units

Replacing your older VMS units can be costly, but with Bartco UK’s upgrade service it doesn’t have to be.

The first company to offer this service, it allows all our customers the opportunity to upgrade their VMS, via Bartco UK, with the latest technology and features. This not only extends the life of your current VMS, but also provides a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to replacing units.

The upgrade services offers:

  • The addition of Web Studio™ so users can access their VMS from any internet enabled device
  • Fitting internal radars to accurately collect traffic information
  • Fitting Intellicone Sentry contactless sensor to detect vehicles and keep workers safe
  • Upgrading to more powerful solar panels, increasing the battery life of your current unit
  • Re-spray

By upgrading you’re not just getting a refreshed VMS, you’re contributing to a sustainable environment. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Significant waste reduction
  • Extended asset life
  • Cost-effective way to access new technology
  • Helps to improve the sustainability of traffic management and road networks for the future

If you’d like to know more about the VMS upgrade service available from BARTCO UK, or to upgrade your units, call +44 (0) 3300 080 366 or email