Introducing Ivan Lintin – Bartco UK’s Speediest New Recruit

Bartco UK is proud to announce its new partnership with International Road Racer, Ivan Lintin. We’ll be sponsoring Ivan to help him further establish himself within the sport throughout 2018, and look forward to seeing his already award-winning career progress.

The talented Lincolnshire rider, 33, has quickly established himself as one of the leading road racers in the world having already won at all three of the international road races – the Isle of Man TT, North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix and Bartco are thrilled to be helping Ivan on his quest to challenge the very best that this thrilling sport has to offer.

Having started his career in 2006 at his local circuit, Ivan quickly proved himself, taking second overall in the Superclub Championship and third in the Club Championship, and his career shows no sign of slowing down having secured a number of wins at various races ever since.

When he’s not racing or training, Ivan is keen to keep busy, working full time as a maintenance fitter and also as a retained fireman within his local community. Ivan says; “As the racing has got busier it has got more difficult for me to juggle, but the fire service really supports me with time off in the season and then I give extra back when I am free in the winter.

“They do let me drive and I am quicker than some of the lads but an 18-ton fire engine is a bit different to a 200hp super-bike.”

In fact, Ivan’s fire training came in handy at one of last year’s races as he recalls; “At the classic TT in the Isle of Man my bike blew up and ironically caught fire.

“I had to run back to a marshal post, grab a fire extinguisher and put my own fire out.

“It was a bit odd, one minute I am doing 180mph and the next I was hosing down my own burning bike.”

Bartco wishes Ivan the best of luck for 2018 and will be cheering him on during his next race, the Cartagena Pro Test in March. Good luck Ivan!

You can keep up to date with Ivan by following him on Twitter: @Lintinracing

Header image courtesy of Callum Staley