Not exactly your average year in review…

So…2020. Where do we even start with this one? If we said it has been a rather peculiar year, it just does not seem to do it justice, does it?

To say we’ve all faced some trials and tribulations in 2020 is perhaps the understatement of the year, but when MVIS & Bartco UK looks back at their own 2020, with the obvious set aside for just a moment, 2020 hasn’t necessarily been all that bad.

The company has seen growth across several fronts, as new products and people have joined the companies. Additionally, a year of major projects and promotions has also seen valuable lessons learned about the company’s adaptability, flexibility and ability to react to unforeseen circumstances.


Living with lockdown – March

A new way of life, and working was ‘introduced’ in March. Using the word ‘introduced’ rather lightly – ‘enforced’ may be more apt – requiring rapid adaptation to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

MVIS acted quickly to keep Britain moving by making a virtually immediate jump to home working for all office staff as soon as it was advised to do so by the government.

Staff meetings were moved to virtual hangouts via Microsoft Teams, and the delivery team were forced to adapt to new protocols to keep themselves, and their clients safe whilst out on site.

The ability to do this quickly has left the company in no doubt that they have the right team in place, as the Covid-19 rollercoaster continues into 2021.

Living with lockdown – July

Late June into July saw the national lockdown lifted and returning to office work was permitted again.

With no relinquishing of a ‘safety first’ mindset, MVIS welcomed back staff on a rota basis. Believing mental health is as important as physical health, office staff had the choice of where to work within restrictions.

At HQ, some strict measures were implemented which put increased demands on the team on top of already demanding roles.

These measures include:

  • Disinfection of all collected units
  • Limited vehicle sharing with mandatory masks if sharing
  • Mandatory disinfection of all surfaces & shared facilities
  • Hand sanitising stations located throughout the buildings
  • Perspex screens dividing workstations
  • Daily temperature readings
  • A complete layout change to the building
  • VMS deployed in strategic locations for safety information
  • All external doors & windows left open when people are in the building
  • Withdrawal of shared utensils and pots
  • Table and canopy built outside to allow for socially distanced meetings
  • The workshop floor was marked out with ‘bays’ stationed 2m apart
  • Second workshop set up
  • New ‘snap cabin’ recreational area further segregating the use of shared facilities
  • Daily Microsoft Teams meetings updates
  • Visitor entry restrictions marked by VMS
  • Placement of workplace safety signage to remind employees to wash and sanitise hands

Territorial ‘pods’ were also created separating departments and ensuring that the staff who are required to work from head office do not come into contact with others. Furthermore, staff must wear a mask when moving from workstations.


One thing that hasn’t changed in 2020, is MVIS’ delivery on major projects across the UK.

East to west from the M20 in Kent across the country and indeed the border to Mountain Ash, Wales, as well as a North-South coverage from East Lothian, Scotland all the way down to Folkestone. A truly national operation.


HD Compact v2.0

Back in June, MVIS and Bartco UK were proud to announce the latest version of their revolutionary HD Compact VMS.

V.1 of the HD Compact was the first of its kind, and V.2 offers added developments. One of the biggest developments is the use of solar power, providing highly extended maintenance free run-time and sustainability commitments.


HD Compact V2.0

IVD Radar

The IVD Radar is a portable traffic flow monitoring solution, providing traffic data on single and multi-lane highways and roads.

With remotely downloadable data from a unit that can detect from 2-100m away, no one is required on site to collect the data, which is especially important in COVID conditions.



In October, MVIS announced that several of its leadership team had earned promotions.

Anne Ashman, formerly General Manager became Group Commercial and Operations Director. Anne’s promotion was coupled with another Directorship as Graeme Lee, long time Sales Manager took on the role of Sales Director.

Finally, Dom Bridge earned a promotion to Operations Manager after 7 years with the company.



Chris Steel

MVIS welcomed Chris Steel to the team in July 2020 as Accounts Officer.

Ed Faulkner

Ed Faulkner is the most recent addition to the MVIS team, joining the business as Sales Manager in October.


Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS told us:

“We take recruitment very seriously and don’t let just anyone into our business. After a rather unconventional recruitment process due to COVID-19, Chris and Ed both stepped up to the plate.”

Moving forward…

Certainly, 2020 has been somewhat of a roller coaster, but this is a company who has created diamonds under the pressure, stimulated diversification and overall growth and has a happy, healthy workforce striving for even bigger things in 2021.