The Small But Mighty HD Quattro

The HD Quattro might be our smallest mobile VMS, but by no means is it any less mighty!

High quality and reliable, the HD Quattro is ideal for traffic management in work zones where a traditional VMS sign would be too large.

With all the power and technology of our larger units, the HD Quattro is uniquely designed for use in work zones with the aim to improve safety. Safety is crucial throughout work zones, with the movement of vehicles, potential heavy loads and a pedestrianised work force, it’s important to take preventative steps to avoid accidents. With its 680 x 780mm LED screen, the HD Quattro is compact enough to be positioned in small spaces, whilst also being able to clearly display on-site speed limits for works vehicles.

Why choose the HD Quattro?

  • Dual colour display in red and white can display both text and pictograms
  • Lightweight and portable, the HD Quattro can be installed on existing street furniture or on its own post
  • The HD Quattro is available in both mains or solar powered formats which makes it the perfect fixed solution for urban zones with speed limits of up to 40 mph.

Take a look at the product sheet to find out more about the innovative features and full benefits of the HD Quattro.

Furthermore, the HD Quattro can be readily combined with our innovative Web Studio™ technology to allow managers to easily update information displayed on the HD Quattro in real-time. Available on any Apple mobile, tablet or laptop, Web Studio™ can not only schedule messages in advance, but can also locate and update the HD Quattro if the situation in work zones changes.

Interested in finding out how the HD Quattro VMS can help to improve safety across your work zones? Get in touch with the team at Bartco by emailing