Transforming subpar VMS units

Transforming subpar VMS units saves customers money – and the environment

Bartco UK will be the first to tell you that their service is what sets them apart from the rest. Their client testimonials say as much.

In fact, many other companies will tell you their service stands out.

But, does it? How does it? What does that actually mean? Who’s benefitting from this claim? And how are they actually experiencing the perks of world class service? Here we see the Bartco way and what grade A service truly means.

Bartco’s after sales service involves keeping a close eye on all VMS sign units that have been sold, and regularly checking in with customers to make sure all is operating as it should be.

Recently however, the company has gone a step further and begun making upgrades to substandard units NOT originally supplied by Bartco, helping companies perform to the peak of their powers.

Over 50 of Bartco competitors VMS signs have already been upgraded, bringing Bartco UK new group of satisfied customers. These upgrades include technology updates, displays, solar panels and more.

Specifically, old signs not initially supplied by Bartco are being rejuvenated with Bartco’s quality technology, as well as 5 colour display LED’s. Additionally, these signs from other suppliers are being integrated with the Bartco web studio system- a real time, GPS control room for each and every sign across the fleet.

Other upgrades include sandblasting and respraying trailers, installing more efficient batteries, and upgrading solar panels to more efficient options.

We asked Anne Ashman, Bartco UK General Manager why take the step to sprucing up other companies debilitated units?

Anne told us:

“There is a two-pronged approach to ‘why?’

“Firstly, we buy into ‘Reuse, reduce, recycle’ and this is one element of re-using. It’s far more environmentally friendly to upgrade units than scrap trailers that have been left on their very last legs.

“With us holding the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental standard, being greener and ever increasingly more environmentally friendly is really important to us.

“Secondly, this reuse approach by ourselves translates to an increase in cost effectiveness for our customers too. It’s cheaper for our clients to not have to buy new VMS units and scrap old trailers and panels. The client and the environment are both winners.”