Why choose the Solar IP?

One of Bartco UK’s most popular products, the Solar Intelligent Platform, or Solar IP, is an innovative product that supports a combination of temporary traffic management systems.

The versatility of the Solar IP means that it can be effectively used for a variety of different Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and management of events. The platform can be easily combined with a number of Bartco’s portfolio of products including, Vector Integrated ANPR, Portable CCTV and HD Data Collection Radar.

Key benefits:                                                  

  • Cost effective – As a mobile platform, use of the Solar IP eliminates the need for costly civil engineering works making it a simple and cost effective solution to traffic and events management.
  • Innovative – New 250w solar PV panels have been designed to optimise ultraviolet light in northern hemisphere environments. The tilting solar panels allow the platform to maximise the amount of available light absorbed by the platform, so batteries can be recharged and maintenance and downtime kept to a minimum.
  • Environmentally friendly – Available with 12v, 24v, and 48v batteries, these are powered and recharged using the latest solar charging system. Not dependent on an external energy supply, it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to systems powered by generators or mains electricity supplies.
  • Easily deployed – Free standing and portable, the Solar IP can be easily transferred across sites for hassle-free temporary traffic management.
  • Adaptable – The mobile Solar IP can be easily adapted to meet your individual requirements and effectively combined with a wide range of Bartco products, or products you may already have in supply.

Find out more about how the Solar IP can help your traffic management system by downloading the product sheet here or email us at info@bartco.com for more information.