Working in partnership to deliver the right products

Since its launch in 2014, Bartco UK has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of innovative portable VMS and fixed ROTTMS.  It has also become the go-to company for traffic management companies seeking the creation of bespoke ITS products and integrated solutions.

Our product development process is overseen by Bartco UK ITS development manager, Matt Felce, who has been instrumental in developing some of our leading technologies, including the NTIS Datex II Journey Time solution, 4K CCTV and Electronic Bill Boards.

In partnership with the customer

When approached by a customer to develop a bespoke product, the sales team begins by meeting with them in order to assess the nature of their issue and to define the criteria of the ITS solution required.

Matt then conducts comprehensive research into the existing technologies within the Bartco UK  portfolio and those of our suppliers, to see whether any have the potential to be adapted or further developed in order to deliver the ideal solution.  If not, a R&D form will be submitted and the team will devise a plan.

With a personal mantra of, “whatever the problem, be part of the solution,” Matt is motivated by being able to push the boundaries of Bartco UK’s product portfolio, and enjoys the process of technical problem-solving.

Whatever the route required, he develops the initial concept, and, with the purchasing and senior management team, undertakes a costing exercise to ensure the viability of the solution and ascertains its potential wider market appeal.  Once this is done, the physical product development process begins.

Internal collaboration

Matt works with his team to build the prototype solution, closely collaborating with mechanical supervisor, Tom Hooton.  Tom supervises Bartco UK’s workshop and oversees the development of the new solution, conducting exhaustive workshop tests.

Monthly technical meetings take place to facilitate the ongoing discussion of ideas, involving supervisors from Bartco UK’s operational and technical departments as well as general manager, Anne Ashman.