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HD Compact is the first temporary mobile variable message sign (VMS) designed specifically to improve safety within work zones. Using dual colour (white and red) it clearly displays on-site speed limits for work zone vehicles.

Battery powered, free-standing and weighing less than 10kg, it’s highly portable and can be quickly manually positioned.


  • Compact 680 x 780mm size
  • Red and white LEDs for text and pictograms
  • 28 x 28 pixels
  • 20mm pixel pitch
  • Programmable via Web Studio™
  • Can be mounted on an A-frame or existing column

Also available in mains or solar powered formats, the HD Compact VMS can be used in a fixed, permanent context on urban highways with speed limits up to 40mph.

Find out how HD Compact VMS could improve safety in your work zones, email info@bartco-uk.com.