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Vysionics Vector integrates the industry leading ANPR processor with a state-of-the-art dual-camera imaging system as a single unit, removing the need for a separately housed processor alongside the camera. It facilitates the combination of ANPR and overview cameras, pulsed LED illuminators and ANPR processor, to suit your precise requirements, enabling any pairing of monochrome, colour or day-night cameras with covert infrared or visible illuminators.

This Vector-integrated unit can operate automatically, auto-detecting vehicles as they pass through the field of view. Alternatively it can be linked to an external trigger for weight in motion capture or other applications where only specific vehicles need to be identified. This adaptable system works in all weather and lighting conditions and can be configured to read characters in international formats. During darkness, Vector uses cost-effective integral pulsed LED illumination, and the light may be either visible or covert.

Vysionics’ Vector ANPR comes complete with Bartco UK’s Solar Intelligent Platform (IP) which has tilting solar panels to optimise available light, allowing batteries to be recharged and keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

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ANPR Camera Sensors

  • Sensor type and size: Monochrome camera, 1 1/8 CMOS sensor, equipped with infrared narrow band pass filter and C/CS lens mount
  • Format and resolution: Digital, 1280height x 1024 width pixels
  • Field of view: 2-lane ANPR up to 6.5m field of view with same or multi-direction capture
  • IR filter: 850nm infrared illumination


  • Sensor type and size: Colour camera, 1 1/8 CMOS sensor, equipped with switchable day / night infrared cut filter and C/CS lens mount
  • Format and resolution: Digital, 1280(H) x 1024(W) pixels
  • Field of view: Lens selected to suit application


  • Wavelength options: 850nm
  • Source: High power LED array


  • ANPR: Integrated Qseven processor board with AMD T40E dual core processor
  • Communications: LAN and integrated 3G or IEEE802.11n
  • Time: Integrated GPS receiver


  • Operating temperature: -10ºC to +50ºC
  • Power supply: 48VDC nominal, 25W typical consumption
  • Weight and dimensions: 2.9kg (excluding mounting bracket), 125mm x 168mm x 192mm (without sunshield)
  • Rating: IP67

Trailer - EU type approved

  • Length (overall): 2900mm with towing eye / 1930mm without
  • Width (operating position): 1740mm
  • Height (travel position): 2400mm
  • Height (max operating position): 5000mm
  • Weight: 745kg
  • Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Solar panels: 2 x tilting 240w panels
  • Batteries: 12V 1000AH deep cycle (4 x 250 A/H)
  • Solar Controller: 70A MPPT regulator
  • Operation: Batteries / solar