Matt Felce

As you can probably tell from the job description, I am a bit of a geek and love being involved in product development. This goes beyond my role at work and into my home life as I pretty much can’t leave anything standard.

This started at a young age and I can’t think of a single toy that I didn’t “improve” in some way. From Airfix models to bicycles everything was taken apart and put back together in a different configuration or with some additions. The 6-foot-long BMX being one of my not so successful adventures.

I bought my first car, a written of Ford Capri, at the age of 14 (all paid for by my paper round) and proceeded to fit the largest wheels (30cm wide!) and engine (7.5 liters!!!) into it that I could find. Whilst all my peers were driving Nova’s and Fiesta’s.

In more recent years I have regressed to playing with bicycles again and my collection ranges from a newly acquired during lockdown unicycle and penny farthing to a hand-built tricycle with the exact same wheels from my first car, with many unconventional two wheeled variants in between.

All of this reflects in my approach to my role at work as I’m a firm believer in continuous development and taking advantage of the latest ideas and technology. Sometimes these changes can be so small that they are almost indiscernible. But by making these small changes this time and time again large benefits can be seen.

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