Tom Hooton

I have now been at the company since January 2014 and have seen it grow along with myself. I love working for Bartco UK, as I am always challenged in my work which is very important to me.

I have always found myself craving a challenge from a very young age as I used to enjoy stripping things apart and then trying to put them back together from my Atari St to my dad’s watch – although the watch did not go so well!

I started to play rugby from the age of 6 and I found this to be another challenge and always wanted to better myself. Unfortunately the social side over took the skill side for a few years but I still managed to play at Midlands one level for a couple of seasons until I had to retire at 31.

Behind the sport side though I still liked to fix, build, and take things apart and I believe this has helped me in my career. I am now doing 3D CAD work and electrical schematics which helps the workshop to build our products along with the work instructions I have made for them.

I find a great sense of reward from helping people and will always do what I can to help others whether that be at work or in my personal life – as Horace Mann said, “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”

I started off as Technical support back in January 2014 and I am now Research and Development Manager, so I would like to think I have grown both as a worker and a person with thanks to the team I work with who have supported me. Hopefully I have supported some of them.

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